Personalized, intelligent reservation system

If you have any special requests for your room, reserving the room number you desire is now very easy!

No prepayment required!

All payments are made at the time of check-in.


Plan your vacation well in advance

To avoid unexpected surprises at the hotel, use Hootela

Choose your room number

You can pre-book a room number on the desired floor and location. Just try!

Book your transfer

Allow us to welcome you at the airport and provide a secure and comfortable transfer to the hotel at your convenience

Specialized dining venues

Reserve your table for the À la Carte Restaurant well in advance with Hootela

Much more

Room decoration, pillow preference, baby crib, early check-in, late check-out... all available on Hootela

Your unique preferences are valuable

Make advance reservations for everything

Thanks to Hootela, reserving your room number, arranging airport transfers, booking the pavilion, tennis court, room decoration and À la Carte Restaurant reservations is now a breeze and lightning-fast!

Reservations designed just for you
  • Plan your vacation before it begins, avoid unwanted surprises. Pre-book all the hotel services exactly the way you want.

  • Book now, pay at the hotel. You'll make the payment at the hotel for all your reservations. No prepayment, credit card, or deposit required.

Ask now, receive an answer now

Following your reservation, you can engage in a conversation with the hotel, relay your questions, and receive immediate responses. Hotel representatives will provide you with precise answers on all matters. Stay updated with the latest information.

You can cancel anytime

Feel free to cancel your reservations at any time without any charges. Simply notify the hotel of your cancellation request, and that's all you need to do!

  • Book the room number you want at the location of your choice

  • Make your reservation now, pay at the hotel upon check-in

  • Reach out to the hotel and convey any inquiries you may have

  • With Hootela, all bookings are convenient, quick, and safe!


Exclusive, intelligent reservation system

Everything is completed online and very easily

You can make changes or cancel anytime you want

Guarantee all your requests with the hotel in advance

For families

When with kids, choose a ground-floor room close to the children's park. That is amazing!

For holiday-goers

Make your vacation unforgettable by choosing a room with a sea or a pool view.

For couples

You can enjoy your vacation in a room on the top floor, with a double bed, in a quiet area.

For groups

Reserve multiple rooms in the same area and enjoy your vacation together.

Choose your room number

Open the hotel map and view the room locations. Choose the room you desire and review its features. Add any extras you'd like to pre-book along with the room.

Guarantee everything

The room number you choose and other services are relayed to our hotel. The hotel makes the arrangements, sends the confirmation, and you are ready for your vacation.

Pay at the hotel

No prepayment needed for your reservations. We don't request credit card details or take a deposit. You can pay at the reception upon arrival. Secure payment!